If you haven't figured it out yet, we love Canine Commitment of New England!

They are a loving group of hard working people who love what they do and it shows time and tine again.

CCNE goes a bit further in the rescue process and does not adopt dogs sight unseen. 

The dogs are brought to New Hampshire, cared for and are available for a visit by you, before committing to adopt.


The care that is given to all dogs at CCNE is remarkable. They rescue all kinds of dogs, puppies, mommas to be etc, and care for all of them so lovingly.

But, this is only what you see, so much work is unseen and comes with a price, a price at times that is far beyond one rescue to absorb. This is why we want to ask you to join us in having an experience of a lifetime with us Kimberly Sarah Photography.  With your help, your love for your furry one and your love of art, we can all be proud of helping a local rescue, and create beautiful Wall Art together!


From now until February 29, we will be offering this special. 

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We start off making a time for you and your pet to come into the studio for a consult. It is a chance for your pet to get used to me and the studio environment. Your best friend will be much more comfortable and settle in easier on the day of the photography session if they are already familiarized with their environment. We will have a chat about your pet's personality so that we can plan the best experience for both of you. At this stage, we will also discuss what kind of finished product you may have in mind and how you would use photographic portraits to decorate your home. I will show you the options available and give you some ideas that you can consider. We can then discuss pricing and create something that will suit your needs and budget.



 This is when the fun begins! The photography session is where the magic happens. We start the session by helping your pet to ease into the studio environment. We have spent the last 10 years working in the pet and animal welfare industries and knows how to help your best friend feel safe. We always work at your friend's pace and if it takes a little longer to get the shots we need then that is ok.


The studio is an easy-going pet-friendly environment. It is time for us all to play and enjoy ourselves. It is time for your best friend to shine and for us to capture what makes them so special. 

We don't charge extra for humans to be in the portraits, we encourage it. The bond is so special, it needs to be documented.


We may show you sample wall collections we designed for you or groupings of your images that we think work best together. we'll help you go through the images and suggestions and help you in choosing your favorites. It is important that all decision-makers attend this session as your order is placed and payment will be due at this time. 




Each Wall Art piece is custom to your liking so prices vary, but most customers like to spend between $1,500-5000 or more for exceptionally high-quality pieces of art. Wall Art Starts at 1100 for a 16x24 Canvas, Metal or Fine Art Print. Prices are a la carte because I want you to have only what you love and nothing you don't. None of my sessions include digital files. I don't sell them. I will give you a complimentary websized, watermarked digital file for each piece of art you purchase of the same image. Let me explain further, If you purchase a 20x30 canvas of image #1234, I will gift to you a websized file of image #1234



 In the following weeks we schedule an appointment for you to come back to the studio to view your images. This is the most exciting part of the process. You get to choose your favorite images and have a laugh at the outtakes!



Kimberly Sarah Photography Promo

Take a look inside Kimberly Sarah Photography, from a Dog's point of view!