The Location Dog Portrait Master Class

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Point of View Farm, Deerfield, New Hampshire
Presented by Kimberly Buccheri (Kimberly Sarah Photography)

Do you like to photograph dogs?  Want to take your photography further?  

This is the program you have been waiting for!  Really. It is. 
We are proud to announce Location Dog Portraiture program.

Learn from the expert.
Kimberly Buccheri is a full time pet photographer, and SOPHA is her home studio.  With dozens of clients and the covers of magazines, Kimberly has dominated her market with her high quality imagery.  If you follow her work, you know how hard she works for her clients, and how much time she gives back to the canine community through her quality portraiture or rescue animals which helps those dogs get re-homed in record time.  You can see more of her work here.

What you will learn.
Kimberly will show you the techniques to create high quality pet portraiture in the field.  Using a number of planned images, she will help the student see her vision and share in the creative process.  This is not a “demonstration class”!  You will learn by doing – actually using your camera to create images.  Kim will show you how to work with friendly dogs, including the techniques she uses to get that great “look” from each dog.  Kimberly has planned a number of shots to show you both natural light and strobe light techniques on location.

Who should participate?
Photographers interested in location pet photography should attend! Each participant should be comfortable making manual settings in their camera.  Participants with cameras other than Nikon or Canon DSLRs should contact SOPHA before signing up to make sure you r camera is compatible with our strobe equipment (Profoto B1 and B2 series lighting).  We will make every effort to accommodate everyone.

How is the program run?
We have a number concept shoots planned, each run by Kimberly.  You see how she sets up each shot, how she works with each dog, and then you get ot shoot it too!  This is a hands on, interactive program. There are no PowerPoint slides!

Is this program held on a farm?
That’s right! We take over a 60 acre horse farm in Deerfield, New Hampshire and make use of the fields, barn, pond and other spaces to create awesome images. The farm has the facilities for groups, including restrooms and such.  The specific address and parking instructions will be sent to participants.

The program and run from 1230pm to 530pm on Saturday October 14, 2017.    We start and end on time.

What you need to bring:
Please bring your DSLR/Mirrorless camera, a charged battery, and a memory card.  Most images Kim creates are made using a 70-200 f/2.8 lens on a full frame camera.  Many mid-range telephoto zoom lenses will work fine.   Lenses shorter than 50mm are rarely used. If you don’t have a lens you like, please consider renting one from our Rental Department. Because we are outside, many folks find viewing hoods/loupes handy, such as the Hoodman or the Zacuto Z-Finder Jr.

Of course we will be outside, so you should consider bringing a hat, wearing sunscreen, and having a light jacket handy.

Beverages and Snacks
SOPHA will be providing water, soda, and snacks throughout our time together.   There are no convenience stores or such near by, so if you have a particular need, we highly recommend you bring what you need.

Please read these important notes: 
– We will be working with animals during this class. And while these dogs have been screened for temperament, working with dogs carries a certain amount of risk, however small. In return for your participation in the program, you agree to assume all liability for any injury you might incur and hold both The SOPHA, LLC and Point of View Farm harmless of all claims.
– Because of the unique nature of this program and our commitment to the Farm, we cannot follow our normal SOPHA refund policy. We are unable to offer refunds. Should you find yourself unable to participate in the program, you are welcome to sell your seat to another photographer, who also will agree to all these provisions.
– Remember we are working with real animals.  As such, the welfare of the animals will come before our desire to photograph them. We will make reasonable attempts to give participants the best photographic experience possible, but participants must understand that we anticipate a certain level of chaos and we will make our best attempts to control it.
– Please do NOT bring dog treats. We working closely with each dog’s owner to assure that we don’t run into problems with digestion, allergies, etc.
– If you have questions about this program, please don’t hesitate to contact the office – we are glad to help!