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Our Artwork

All of the images in this online gallery are examples of client commissions. The process - this journey - of creating art requires that we know the pet, and understand the relationship they enjoy with their owner.

Every session is unique. Every session is different. This reflects the truth that each pet is an individual and the artwork required to capture them in a meaningful way to their owner is... complex. We are guides for our clients, a process we enjoy and clients tell us is valuable to their experience.

We present these examples to show you the range of possibilities that exist when you choose to work with Kimberly Sarah. We look forward to hearing from you.


Personality is a broad term which can mean many things. What would your pet's portrait look like if it was about their personality?


Family comes in many forms! This style of portraiture may seem conventional, but but for pet owners, including their entire family - especially the furry ones - is paramount. Our clients often think their pet (or children) won't behave - but trust us - we can create artwork you will love!


We do work with oil on canvas as a mixed medium, and with a painted style we can incorporate elements, moods, colors - even unexpectedness or whimsy. Painted artwork can be made from our own studio-created reference photos, but we can also create from your home reference images - helpful for artwork that includes pets that are no longer with us.

Avant Garde

Some clients prefer artwork that requires us to unleash our inner artists to create truly unique perspectives. Often these result in non-literal portraiture, but art that still connects.

Evelyn a one year old black great dane with a gr muzzle shown artistically with five views of her dogs face

Old Hollywood

For clients who prefer warm, rich tones, with a slight throwback to a different age of Hollywood, we create art that showcases the individual or family with props straight from the film set. The large 'antique' Mole Richardson lights you see in some of these images were salvaged straight off the Warner Brothers lot!


Some of our commissions take on an individual theme based on the client's likes. The them can be a subtle whisper or a giant scream. From hiking, to travel, to reading books, even Disney - we are ready to interpret each pet and their family in a way that creates artwork that you will love forever.


When you want to make a statement that your pet is equal parts rock star and the center of your universe, nothing works better than creating artwork that reflects your pet as if they were chiseled out of the same material used by the Great Masters.

If you would like to learn more about Kimberly Sarah and what we can create for you and your furry family, please reach out to us using this form or using the contact links at the bottom of the page.

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