Our Art FOR Dogs Gallery Show is running Sat and Sun through July 14th!

Answers to your questions

What if I think my pet won't sit still for a session?

It is completely normal for pet parents to be concerned that their pet won't 'behave' for a studio session. We can assure you that we create an amazing environment for your pet filled with patience and experience. We can assure you that your pet will be awesome in the studio! Seriously! We have photographed thousands of pets with a track record that shows that we can make great images happen.

We feel the key is to allow the pet to visit our space before their studio session, which is why we want to meet them at our pre-session Design Consultation. This gives time for your furry family member to explore our gallery, check the corners for boogey men, and see that this wonderful space is filled with nothing but belly rubs and treats.

You will be amazed at how easily your pet can turn into a super star model!

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Do I have to be in the images?

No, but we encourage it. While it is true that most clients come to us for images of their dog, we find that often they are trying to have artwork created that reflects both their amazing pet, but also their relationship. This is best done with YOU in the image as well.

Said another way, you are coming into the studio, why not be in some images and see if they make the cut at the Viewing and Ordering Session? Many clients chose to include family group images in their final artwork selection. As always, we will be glad to be your guide in the process and create a Studio Session that is idea for you!

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My dog is very timid, can you still work with him?

Absolutely. You can be confident in our experience! We do not schedule clients back to back, so you will be the only family in the studio during your session and you won't run into other pets coming and leaving the studio proper. We also schedule plenty of time for your pet to acclimate to the studio experience - we aren't in a rush. You loved pet determines our pace, and we can assure you that we have a 'pet welfare first' policy.

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Can you work with multiple dogs?

Good gravy yes! We routinely work with small and large groups of dogs, so bring your entire pack! Seriously! We often create such images using some very sophisticated compositing techniques to reduce to zero any stress placed on the dogs, and our results speak for themselves.

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Do you work with puppies and/or litters?

Nothing warms our heart more than a litter of puppies. Of course we work with puppies - from one to the entire litter! Mom too!

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Do you work with senior dogs or dogs that are ill?

Of course we do. We understand the needs of these older pets, and will do everything in our power to accommodate their needs. And we certainly will work with you to help your senior or ill dog as they enter the winter of their lives. Please reach out if you want to get your pet in in a hurry - we understand that circumstances can change and we will do everything we can to assist you.

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Do you work with cats or kittens?

Yes we certainly do. Cats are quite different than dogs and typically require more time in the studio to acclimate to their new environment. It is completely normal for the feline to explore the studio for up to an hour before they are ready to join us on set, and that is completely ok! Their relaxed affect will show in the art and the time is completely worth the effort.

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Do you work with chickens?

You would think this would be an unusual request - but it isn't. Welcome to New Hampshire! Of course we work with chickens - and any animal you consider your pet and part of your family! If you can get him/her in our studio, we can create heart stopping artwork of them - chickens included.

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What types of artwork do you create?

We primarily create artwork that you enjoy on the wall of your home. This artwork includes fine art prints, hand created metal art, stretched or mounted fine cotton, our signature Campagna panels. All of our wall art is hand crated in Italy.

We also offer folio boxes - wonderful image collections in a more portable size.

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Do you offer paintings?

We do work with oil on canvas as a mixed medium, and with a painted style we can incorporate elements, moods, colors - even unexpectedness or whimsy. Painted artwork can be made from our own studio-created reference photos, but we can also create from your home reference images - helpful for artwork that includes pets that are no longer with us.

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Serving New England including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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