Conway Area Humane Society Great Dane Puppies

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 I have created this special page just for you, lovers of animals, especially these amazing newborn Great Danes!

On June 23, 2017 5 year old Ellie one of the Great Danes Conway Area Humane Society acquired during the investigation leading up to the seizure of 84 dogs from a property owner in Wolfeboro, NH was brought to the vet, 

"Ellie is ~5 years old. Upon her veterinary exam, it was noted she was lactating, suspecting a false pregnancy given she did not appear to be carrying puppies, an X-ray was added to the list of procedures for next week.

Imagine our surprise when Ellie began to show symptoms of labor this morning.

Worrying that if she was pregnant it was possibly only one or two puppies given how small her abdomen was, we immediately made an appointment for an X-ray.'said CAHS

 That same day Ellie had three baby boys! A gift of life in the middle of a crisis. 


I have often asked myself how can I help? I cannot adopt due to my living situation. Photography is my way of helping, photography unites us, we see the same image as someone hundreds of miles away and we still feel the same way. We share a love of all animals great and small. I am sure this is not your first time donating to a charity, so you know the joy it can bring us, the lives it can change and the encouragement for others to do the same. 


I had an amazing day photographing these Newborn Great Danes with their Momma. In the studio we had Knight, Lord and Duke and momma Ellie. All were simply beautiful. I invite you to donate in order to see the images we created. The donations will go to the Conway Area Humane Society (minus paypal fees). Please feel free to share this webpage with as many folks as you think would be interested in helping. 


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in my photography, reaching into your pocket, donating and helping animals in need. Your donation will help fund these and other shelter animals looking for homes with loving families, medical issues and beyond.


For more information on the Wolfeboro Great Danes, please visit The Conway Area Humane Society or Humane Society of the US

 A huge thank you must go out to The Humane Society of US, Wolfeboro Police Department, Conway Area Humane Society and all of the helping hands, fosters, volunteers and people like you who donate!


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